North American OEM Medical Resource Solutions

Strategic Consulting

Strategic consulting based on client needs

Formulation Selection

selection of formulations and customized solutions

Package Design

International Perspective on Design Packaging

Production Consignment

A resource for quality North American manufacturers

Cross-border e-commerce

Cross-border E-commerce Solutions

Corporate Culture

Promoting the Spirit of Bethune and Preserving China-Canada Friendship

"Always follow your dreams and sense of responsibility."

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Why Us

Why Us

Dr.Bethune Global Brands

Dr.Bethune have tremendous market value and can be brought to market faster.


Our mission is to leverage our expertise and dedication to provide our customers with better quality and cost effective products and services.

Professional OEM partners

We provide value OEM services and are committed to working with medical and pharmaceutical companies around the world

International Design Team

Provide high value nutraceutical design with experienced design team partners in North America. Ensure legal compliance from design to product

One-Stop Service

we provide the necessary documentation for exporting products through the shipping channel from North America to China.

Global Payment

Provide a wide range of cross-border payment channels, allowing customers to easily transfer funds without borders.

Our Products

Products by Dr.Bethune

Full range of health food supplements

Vitamin D3


Krill Oil





Coming Soon



Phillip Murphy
Phillip Murphy
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The effect of Bethune's product is evident and the market response is good.
Marvin McKinney
Marvin McKinney
Read More
The team at Bethune was very professional and got my product to market very smoothly!
Cody Fisher
Cody Fisher
Read More
The packaging was beautifully designed by the Bethune team. My customers love it too!
Peter Wang
Peter Wang
Read More
I am happy that the product is legal to sell in China and the OEM process is very smooth!


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